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The Presence Center is easily accessible. It is well connected to the A3 motorway (exit Bagnara direction Palmi), with the airports of Lamezia Terme and Reggio Calabria, and to the railway stations of Gioia Tauro and Palmi. For any information you can fill out the following contact form, or use one of the contact details below.
S.S. 18 Km. 492+500 località Piani Corona, 89028 Barritteri di Seminara RC
Tel e Fax : 0966 410077 Fax: 0966 2674111 Cellulare: 347 2791576

Phone: 0966 / 410077 –  Fax: 0966 / 2674111 – Mobile: 347 / 2791576 – email: or

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